The Javelin just got better.

The Javelin just got better.

Improved performance. Professional features.
The next generation of food thermometers is here.

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It's time to ask for a higher standard.

What do you get when you cook with a precision instrument like the Javelin PRO Duo? Greater consistency, fewer surprises, and better results than ever before.
It's time to ask for a higher standard.

Meet Javelin, the new standard in food thermometers.

Designed and engineered for speed and precision; with a 4 second response time and an accuracy of just ±0.9°F, it is without a doubt the best performing meat thermometer in it's price range.

Our thermometers have found their way into Michelin-starred kitchens, family restaurants, and thousands of homes around the world.

We use high quality polycarbonates and food-grade stainless steel to construct our products. The result is a difference you can feel at home or on the line.
Every feature and detail have been carefully considered to maximize efficiency in the kitchen. From the size of LCD panels to magnetic backings, we've thought of it all.
We believe good cooking habits should be universal, not just for the pros. We've priced our products to make everybody an award-winning chef.

What people are saying

"When it comes to performance for the price, the Lavatools Javelin is the solid winner"
"Our poor little analog thermometer now sits abandoned in the drawer."
“I can happily recommend the Lavatools digital thermometer”
"With the new Javelin PRO Duo from Lavatools, measuring temperature like a pro is easier and faster"
"If you want to go for the gold, there’s the Javelin PRO"
"Lavatools Javelin thermometers have few competitors"